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In about 3.5 hours, I will graduate....

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Please, Please, Stop

This is a rant. The trick was finding where to post it.

Dear Jpop,

Please, please stop singing in unison. I am 100% that your artist have amazing vocals and I have finally been able to sit through an entire music video (now that you've [nearly] rid yourself of that awful hairstyle {the mullet-bedhead thing} and learned how to dance [better]. It's promising. Some of your artists are amazing and I feel sad that I wasn't there to watch it grow over the years (partially your fault since you were pretty awful before) But, beggars can't be choosers, so I'll just wait patiently {but will continue to complain} until you finally unleash your potential and become the shining light I know you can be. 


P.S. Please, please stop singing and unison. And at ultrasound pitches. On Perfume is allowed to do that. No one else. 

Birthday Today!

Waaaaaah! I'm legal! >_< 

/o/ Happy eighteenth birthday to me! \o\

Hypochondria: I suffer from it

Conversation with my mother:

Me: Mom, there's a really big bump on the side of my head behind my ear.
Mom: *sigh* It's not cancer.
Me: I never said it was. I just said there was a bump.
Mom: I know you. You're a hypochondriac and always think of the worst possible situation. You don't have cancer.
Me: I know that...you can't get cancer on the side of your head.
Mom: Yes, you can. But don't worry, it isn't cancer.
Me: Uhm...it could be leukemia.
Mom: ... ...that's a form of cancer.

OVER 9000!

It's been a great day~! I got Copic markers!!! XDDDD (been reading doujinshi instead of doing homework >.>)

In any case, I thougth I'd repost something I posted on my school's overheard page. Lol. It's a conversation between me and one of my roommates about her Astrophysics homework.

Girl1: I can't stand this homework! You know what? Fine! Newton's Law? F = ma = 42! The radius of the sun? 42! The chemical composition of Jupiter? 42! The angular distance between two stars?

Girl 2: OVER 9000!!


): Wow. Don't you hate it when people make a big deal about stuff for NO REASON!? Thanks to some morons, my night is officially crap.

I really want to rant, but I feel like I should be more mature than that. ):

I also want to complain that "the morons" weren't immature, so I shouldn't have to be.

But I'm above this...above it...

I'm just gonna read fanfiction and forget about it....

Obsessed...Very very much so....

It's a wondrous morning. A new episode of No. 6 is out, a new chapter of the manga has been released,

another chapter of the light novels has been translated and posted, and I've just finished making No.6

icons that I am far too lazy to upload at the moment.


Yes. It is a wondrous day indeed.


EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! Wh00t!!! Wonder what my grades look like...

I'll be a senior in like, 4 days.

...wow...I feel old.... (ha ha) XDDD

She Fell Down and Can't Get Up

My friend showed me this just 5 mins ago. I feel bad because I laughed until I realized the girl was really hurt. It happens on the far right of the screen. ..I am still amazed that everybody ignored her...

Scroll over to 1:25 and wait for it...Collapse )

I Didn't Realize....

...orz ...I just spent two days talking to a computer program. In Japanese. I though the responses were weird, but since I'm not Japanese, I didn't realize...someone else (one of its followers) tweeted me to explain. Although I'm thankful, I am now drowning in embarrassment...

Ugh. I should have realized when none of the thirteen other followers had made any comments to any of it's posts...again. Ugh.

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